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The scarabin.com site has been owned and operated by me (Jason Scarabin) since 1999.  In the beginning years, it was an outlet for not only my poems, commentary but for family interactions, history and genealogy. The site has laid dormant for most of its existence.

There were some really exciting times like the following:

Gene Lang and his wife Betty delivered extraordinary information from the "Old World" including a medal delivered to a Scarabin who served under Napoleon Bonaparte. Gene and Betty visited France in the fall of 2001. They delivered notable genealogy and photos of our French relatives, and even discovered a town called Ker Scarabin!

Boe Williams (great-grandson-in-law of Francois Scarabin) answered an inquiry sought for years!  He provided and confirmed the name of Francois Jean Scarabin and his parents who were Jean Scarabin and Idelle Dubois (of San Malo, France). He gave us Francois' actual lifespan, which is 12 Sep 1852-02 Jan 1938.  Ashley Elizabeth Scarabin submitted a marriage license, which contradicts who Francois' wife was. Traced only to Bordeaux, France, the surname Scarabin is rumored to be an Ukrainian name. The Bordeaux connection comes from the fact that Francois' vessel, in all probability, sailed from Bordeaux, but he was from San (Saint) Malo.

The following was learned from Louisa Jochum and much investigation, but still lacks hard evidence to support the details:

Francois deserted the French Navy and jumped on a freighter ship as a stowaway near Bordeaux then jumped ship in southeast Louisiana, near the mouth of the Mississippi river, when he was just 14 years old.  As time passed, he wept because he missed his kin back in France.  Evidently, he never saw them again.  He was a short "dried up" man.

Francois' bloodline mostly inhabits Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, USA in towns such as Belle Chasse, Boothville, Buras, Port Eads, and Venice.  Additional Scarabins reside in Apalachicola, Florida, places in North Carolina and in Austrian cities such as Alpbach or Vienna; i.e., Celine Scarabin.  Perhaps the roots of the name lie within cities in France such as Aire Sur La Lys,  Baden, Bois Colombes, Clichy, La Baule, La Garde, Lannion, Lyon, Montigny Les Metz, Paris, Perros Guirec, Ploulec h, Pludual,  Rennes, Savigny Sur Orge,  Strasbourg, or  Trebeurden.

If anyone knows any useful information about the origin of the family name or history, wants to be included on this site or has any other valuable historical or genealogical info, please write to jason@scarabin.com.

The site now serves as a platform for my writing and books but will always have room for the Scarabin family name.

Thank you,

Jason Scarabin

Los Angeles, California, 08 April 2017


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